Animals Don’t Wear Jackets

As an educator, you find yourself saying things that are absurd.  Even the most seasoned teachers have bad days or re-teachable moments.

For animal adaptations this week the student are making models.  They were to draw an animal in its habitat and label the adaptations it has to survive.  The next step is to use up cycle products and left over crating supplies to turn that 2-dimensional drawing into a 3-dimensional model.  One student found an old zipper and wanted to use that.  While trying to guide him to turn it into teeth or scales or some type of defense mechanism he declared, “It’s a jacket!”  Animals don’t wear jackets.  And so we need to discuss animal adaptations again.

Other times this is a whole class level.  We all have had that lesson that goes wrong…

Today the lesson was on proper nouns.  This is a skill we are building on, so today we were discussing brands.  McDonald’s fries, what is capitalized?  This simple statement turned into:

“They have lots of fries.”

“You can get curly fries.”

“You can get no salt fries.”

“They have regular fries.”

No where in that spontaneous conversation was there a clue about name brand capitalization.  The lesson went off track, the conversation drifted into other restaurant names, and so I laughed and moved on.  Sometimes you have to call it.  Time of death, 1:03 PM.   We will try again tomorrow.

Teacher is hard work.  You have to creatively direct 20+ various personalities to learning.  Those days it goes well, celebrate!  And those days it goes wrong, just remember animals don’t wear jackets.  You can try again tomorrow.


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