They Act the Way You Show ThemF

Well, my idea of posting more regularly clearly has not happened. My goal for focusing on time, however, in the classroom has been a success. I have had parents and teachers comment on our act of giving. One parent asked if we could keep it going in the new year. Challenge accepted!

The idea of paying it forward is not new. We have had  daily “challenge” for a random act of kindness all month and the kids love it. One day was hug day and I started the day at the door and asked each student if they wanted a hug. Many did, a few did not, and many more hugs were passed around before the day began. We all started the day with  smile on our face.

One day we made snowflakes to give to the HS. They used them to decorate the teacher work room. My students had a wonderful time making them and felt a sense of pride in helping others. Again, an activity ending with smiles.

Today was share a snack day. I had a brainstorm last night at 9:45 while preparing for the day, life of a teacher, and sent a quick email asking for snack mix supplies of parents had them at home. I was happily surprised with things this morning and we made two batches of trail mix. After lunch I scooped it up into cups and we walked around the building and gave a cup of snack mix to every adult. When handed the cup they were simply told, “Thank you for all you do!” The students were so excited and went back to class with smiles on their faces.

So tonight I have decided we need to do more little activities in the classroom. We need to help students see and feel what giving is. The smiles on their faces and the feeling  that comes with that are just as valuable as academic learning.



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