What Do We Do with the Time?

This morning in church pastor talked about the limited time from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  You have seen the memes, thankful today for all that I have and Black Friday shopping the next day.  As an American society we have done away with time.  We do not linger and relax, we do not reflect and breath, we rush and we move and we go and we look at what is next.  This push has created a society of wasteful, anxious people.  What do we do with our time?

As we enter the holiday season it is my favorite time of year.  I believe in Santa Claus as the spirit of giving.  We adopt a family and I encourage my children to think of others needs.  There is a paying it forward attitude that should be celebrated beyond this season.  We need to teach our children to give and to reflect.  We need to teach our children to take time developing interests and hobbies, talents and relationship.  It is important to state what you are doing with your time.

This month I am going to teach and model for my children to be thankful.  We are going to reflect on what we have and what talents we have been given.  We are going to pay it forward and help others as to focus outside of our selfish, personal bubbles and look at those around us.  Amidst the end of the semester testing and crazy, we are going to laugh and have fun.  I choose to spend my time living, connecting and being the example of what is important in life.  What are you going to do with your time?




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