Look What I Did!

At the beginning of the year (well, let’s be honest, all year) it is easy to finish the day with a huge list of things left on your to do list.  Tonight as I was finishing up reading groups at 10:30 I began thinking…I didn’t do____ I didn’t do ____ and I did do ____.  What a sad habit to get into as an educator.  

The beginning of the year can be overwhelming with learning about your students.  You are reading IEPs, figuring out each individual, planning lessons, grading, assessing, finding/using/learning about technology and 1,000 other things.  You also have your personal life to balance into this equation.  It’s important to keep focused and positive to make it through the year.  SO, tonight I am shifting my thinking.  Look what I did today!

  • Laughed with my students
  • Collected papers to grade
  • Posted lesson plans
  • Finished reading group assignments
  • Found a cool new lesson
  • Taught
  • Inspired
  • Dreamed
  • Danced

When you begin to feel that to do list has gotten the better of you and you have a list of things you did NOT do as your head is ready to hit the pillow give yourself grace.  Think of all you did today.  You touched the future!  The other stuff can wait.


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