I Should Buy Stock

Well, it’s been awhile since I posted.  Anyone in education knows exactly why…school started.  I have 23 new creatures I have been getting to know and learning about.  I am so glad I work in an era when I get to see them as individuals and teach them as such.  It is, however, exhausting.  I forgot how tired August makes me.

To add to the excitement we have had our first outbreak of illness.  I should buy stock in Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer.  I’m not certain it always helps (since kids cough and sneeze right on me sometimes) but it has to have an impact.  In all of the illness school must go on though.  So, how do you handle kids being out of the classroom when they are absent?

Much of our learning is cooperative conversation in the classroom.  I use teachable moments and peer discussion to guide and push and illustrate points to teach standards.  When students are gone they need something meaningful to learn at home.  I was amazed how many people commented, “Well, if you have 14 kids gone you just survive for the week.  Why would you teach?”  I would have to say there are still 7 students there who deserve my best.  Why would I NOT teach?  

My blog has been a life saver.  I was able to share the video clips we watched and send home what I could for homework.  I was able to find games that practice the skills we were discussing in class.  It is important to keep student moving and learning.  www.riceclassroom.blogspot.com is where it all happened this last week.  A handful of us had fun in class, but for others, they were still learning at home. 

So, being on a teacher’s salary I will not buy stock in Clorox, sanitizer or anything else for that matter.  I will, however, stock up on Kleenex and keep teaching.  When your illness season hits remember to keep learning!  And for those kids who do not have the support and do not complete the work at home, treat them with grace when they return.  They need you more now than ever.


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