Happy Tired

The  beginning of the year is always exhausting as an educator.  I am excited to meet my new room of parents and students so sleep is often evasive.  I am working to set up the learning space and gather materials.  There are last minute changes (yep, just got a students switched out of my room and a new students put into my room) and things that have to be redone.  Then we have meetings and meetings and meetings to make sure everyone knows what they need to know to start the year strong.  The anticipation and preparation leading up to the first day of school take their toll and I am exhausted.

But like a kid the night before Christmas I am excited to see my students.  That’s the moment this year is real.  I am looking forward to Open House tomorrow night and the blood, sweat and tears will all have been worth it.  So I shall pour another diet coke, look through the new assessment kit, and go to bed tired to wake up tomorrow for the big day.



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