Always Learning

I am presenting at a conference this week.  It is always fun to connect with educators and hear what is happening in schools and classrooms around the country.  This morning I met a gal from a town in NE Kansas.  She selected this location for the conference because she is here without others from her district.  She knew if she attended the conference location closer to home she would be with colleagues from her district.  Going to a location new to her pushes her to have conversations with new teachers.

I have observed that educators who take the most away from a conference are teachers like this.  Teachers who come with an open mind, open heart, and share their experiences while taking from others what connects with their own classroom.  We all have the same set of standards from the state, but we each have our own strengths and situations in individual districts and classrooms.  Sharing your experience and listening to others helps you grow as a teacher.  I am thankful for educators who share their ideas and thoughts.  Even if they are different from mine, there is something in there to be learned. #alwayslearning


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