Why I Shop

I love the back to school sales that happen this time of the year.  New technology has made it simpler to find the best of the best deals and save money.  A working mom of three has to watch her spending!  So last week it was crayons and folders and this week it is notebooks.  I still need pencils and erasers and anything else I can find at dirt cheap prices.  Why do I stock up?  It’s for my kids.  And as all teachers know I mean the kids in my classroom.  I don’t want anything to stop the creativity, learning, and progress in our classroom so I stock up.  I have extra supplies for the kids who are without.  I have extra supplies for the parents who have every intention of buying a second notebook mid year and are busy with groceries and schedules and life.  I have extra supplies for my kids who need them.  We don’t let excuses stop learning, we solve problems and learn from failure and move forward.  And so we need supplies.  I am waiting or sharpies to go on sale.  They are my personal favorite and I have learned add a spark of persistence to a child who can use them on a final project.  So throughout the month of back to school supplies I shop for my kids.  I shop because learning is messy and creative and fun.


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